Delicious mango varieties are favored in Vietnam


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Mangoes are also known as the king of all fruits. Not only delicious, sweet, mango is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins C, A, folic acid …, bringing many health benefits. Many studies have proven that mango has the ability to reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, increase energy, improve memory … Currently, the Vietnamese market has many varieties of mango on sale.

Hoa Loc mango

When it comes to which is the best mango today, it is impossible not to mention the name Cat Hoa Loc Mango. This type of mango has long been the most famous mango variety in the Mekong Delta provinces. Initially, this variety was planted in Hoa Hung commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang province. Then because of its delicious taste that many people love and multiply.

This attractive Vietnamese fruit has large fruits and elongated shape. Each fruit has an average weight of about 600-700gr. When ripe mangoes are usually lemon yellow, and the rice is thick and lint-free. Cat Hoa Loc mango seed is very small, mango flavor is very sweet and fragrant, so many people love it.

If you have the right to visit or travel to the West in the right mango harvest season, from March to May every year, you will be able to enjoy its taste. This variety of mango can be eaten directly, you can also make a smoothie or green mango can be made into a salad, shaken mango when mixed with salt and paprika, …

Acacia mango

If anyone has ever loved shaken mango, then surely you know the best mango to shake is the mango. Acacia mango tree originated from Cambodia has a green, round at waist, smaller to the left end, on the body has a sticky resin like glue, when ripe it turns yellow, fiber, not very sweet, so often the mango is acacia. prefer to eat more live.

Thanks to the sour and crunchy taste, the mango is considered as the first choice when making salad, shaken mango or eaten raw with shrimp paste, shrimp salt is extremely delicious.

Mango sand chu

In most of the current mango varieties, Cat Chu mango is considered a rare variety that can compete with Cat Hoa Loc Mango. This mango variety is popularly grown in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap and becomes a specialty delicacy of this area.

Because of the same delicious taste as Cat Hoa Loc  mango, Cat Chu mango is known and loved by many people. That is why mangoes were propagated widely in provinces such as Dong Thap, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Vinh Long and some provinces in the Southeast.

This variety has smaller fruit than Cat Hoa Loc Mango, its average weight is only about 350g / fruit. The characteristics of this type of mango are quite small seeds, not fiber, thick mango rice and delicious taste. According to current reports, up to 80% of Cat Chu mango varieties from growers in Cao Lanh have been exported to many international markets. In which the most prominent market is Japan, Korea.

Because of the delicious taste, Cat Chu mango can be eaten directly or otherwise you can process it into a delicious smoothie.

Mango statue

You will be rare to find in today’s mango varieties that are as large as mango. Perhaps it is because of such a large size that it is called the mango statue or also has the meaning of Elephant mango.

This mango variety is currently most grown in Dai An area of ​​Binh Dinh province. The mango statue has an average height of between 4 – 7 m. However, in order to give the tree the highest yield, current growers have limited tree height. This type of mango has oblong fruit, when it is unripe it is green, and when ripe, the skin turns yellow, very beautiful. When you eat, you will feel the delicious and sweet taste that is hard to forget.

In mango statue contains many different nutrients. In addition to vitamins like A, B, it also has a lot of other nutrients such as Lipid, Cholesterol, Sodium, Calories, Carbohydrates, Potassium, Fiber, Sugar, Protein … These are all essential substances to promote health. for body.

Australian Mango

This Australian mango variety has large round fruit, mild sweet taste, and has a firm pulp and low fiber content. When ripe, mangoes have a very nice rosy color on the shoulder of the fruit. Termite mango fruit has an average weight of about 800g / fruit.

This variety is from flowering until fruit is harvested about 4 months. The way to grow and take care of mango is also quite easy, so the economic profit is quite high. Australian mango varieties have just been introduced to Vietnam in the past 10 years. Because of its delicious taste and rich mango meat, it is loved by many people. It can be used to make smoothies, mango shakes, pickled mango and some other snacks …

Four-quarter mango

One of the most popular varieties of mango grown in our country today is the four-quarter mango variety. In addition to its advantages in appearance, this type of mango also offers a much higher yield than other varieties of mango in the same time period of harvest. That is why it is loved by many gardeners to plant.

Among the current types of mango, the four-quarter mango is the one with the largest size. The average weight of a mango can be up to 1.5kg. Even many large pods can be up to 2kg / fruit.

This type of mango, when ripe, has an eye-catching bright yellow color, the flesh of the mango is quite low in fiber, when eaten quite crunchy, sweet and feels quite a lot of flour. The peel of the mango is thin, the seeds are small, so the value of the mango is quite high. Many people think that this type of mango, when eaten not fully, will taste better when it is ripe. Using puree blender to create drinks that are loved by many people

Taiwanese Mango

Taiwanese mango is one of the mango varieties that has a fairly fast growth and growth rate. This variety of mango has resistance to pests and diseases and has good adaptability to many soils, including acidic or salty soils.

Unlike other mango varieties that only produce seasonal fruits, the Taiwanese variety has year-round yield and high yield. That is why it is a plant that many gardeners love to choose to plant.

Harvesting time of this variety is about 18-20 months after planting, it is possible to flower and bear fruit. Each mango fruit has an average weight of about 1-1.2kg, thick pulp and firm flesh. In addition, Taiwanese mango seeds are quite thin, low in fiber, and eaten with a sweet taste even when green, so many people love them.

Taiwanese mango is not only a snack of many women, but it can also be used to process into foods that are suitable for many people such as dried mango, making mango jam or producing juice. With relatively stable prices and yields, Taiwanese mango is one of the ways to enrich farmers

Mango Thanh Ca

One of the most recognized mango varieties today is Thanh Ca mango. This variety has an oblong shape, the weight of each mango ranges from 250-450g. When ripe, mangoes usually have bright yellow color, smooth texture, characteristic sweet flavor and relatively little fiber, so many people love them.

This type of mango is characteristic of the Tinh Bien mountain area. It is mostly grown on the slopes of this region. Many mango trees are tens or hundreds of years old.

Stomach mango

If we talk about the best mango with Thai fish sauce, we must talk about the stomach mango. Stomach mango is a mango when it is still young. The fruit is small and empty when cut. Chewing in your mouth is very delicious, sour but not sour, so you often make sour salad dishes or eat with sugar sauce, fish sauce, Thai fish sauce is how delicious, how cravings.

Red Mango

Red Mango is one of the mango varieties that are loved by many people. This variety of mango has green skin when it is almost ripe, it will turn red at the top left. When fully ripe, the whole fruit will have a very beautiful pink red color. When eaten raw, the fruit has a sweet and sour taste and is quite crunchy. When the fruit is ripe, it has a soft sweet taste and natural aroma. The weight of each persimmon mango can be up to 1-1.5kg.

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