Red dragon fruit

Red dragon fruit is also known as Queen’s dragon fruit (scientific name is Hylocereus costaricensis) originating from Colombia. Red dragon fruit contains lycopene, a natural antioxidant that can fight cancer, heart disease and lower blood pressure. This is a very beautiful and healthy fruit.
Red dragon fruit has different properties compared to normal white dragon fruit outside the market today. This fruit has hard shell, bright dark red color surface. Its pulp has crimson color & contains as twice as nutritious as white dragon fruit. With Vitamin C 12-6, Protid 1,30 – 1,08, Vitamin A, Glucid, Lipit index, red dragon fruit delivers very high nutritional value.
Packing: 10-15 kg / carton or according to customers’ requirement
Storage: Temperature: 5-10 ° C, Humidity: 95-100%
Seasonality: From May to November
Shelf life: 30 days


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