Considering food safety as the top priority, Bamboo commits that each of our products is the result of a closed cycle that meets all strict requirements.

Research of product safety

Bamboo’s product development strategy has always focused on product safety and customer health benefits. So we are very careful in every stage of production from the selection of raw materials to package design to ensure maximum safety for users. In addition, we do not use the ingredients that negatively affect consumers’ health as excess amount of pesticides for all current and future Bamboo products.

Closed value chain

Bamboo has formed a closed product value chain from direct cultivation, processing and shipment to the end customers with extremely strict processes to ensure product safety. Modern equipment and technology to ensure the excellent quality of products. Bamboo constantly researches, invest in modern equipment and technology and be proud that we own one of the most advanced production lines, catching up with the leading production technologies in the world.

Management and control of operation quality according to international standards

Bamboo always focuses on management and control of product quality. We apply advanced management systems and international standards such as Global Gap, BRC, ISO, … to strictly and comprehensively control all previous stages, during, and after production to ensure the safety of Bamboo’s products.

Precise & sufficient information for consumers

Bamboo is committed to providing precise and honest information about products such as cultivation process, harvesting, processing and storage to assist customers to select and use Bamboo products in an optimal & satisfactory way.



Workers are the most valuable asset of the enterprise. With the established credo, Bamboo International Joint Stock Company always focuses on building a working environment with culture and civilization & fairness to every class of employee

Create a working environment: Respect & Trust

Bamboo JSC always has policies to maintain and promote a respectful and trusting work environment. An important part of our commitment to our employees is the Employee Rights Policy, maintaining the principles and respecting the International Labor Standards.

At Bamboo JSC, employees are entrusted with all activities. The management levels always support and facilitate the promotion of each individual.

Maintain Integrity & Ownership

To build trust for workers, Bamboo’s management levels hold responsibilities in maintaining and committing the integrity in all activities & decisions.

With the orientation of Trust and investiture, every employee at Bamboo has awareness and work upon the spirit of a business owner with entrepreneurial responsibility.

Commitment to facilitate & maintain a safe, sufficient health & spiritual care working environment.

Besides creating human values ​​through the working environment, Bamboo JSC commits:

– Fully equipped labor protection equipment and solutions to ensure safety

for employees during working process.

– Organize annual guiding and safety training programs for employees.

– Establish fire prevention system and at all offices and operating locations and ensure 100% employees are trained in fire prevention once a year.

– Implementation of health care programs. In addition to health insurance according to the law, the employees are also provided with comprehensive health check packages and accident insurance.

– Organize annual bonding activities such as team building, birthday celebration by month, quarter, holidays like March 8, October 20 …



Bamboo International Joint Stock Company is aware that any cultivation and production activities always has impacts on the surrounding environment. Thus, all of our solutions are formed towards the main target: effective utilization of inputs (materials, energy, water sources) and control of outputs to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Efficient use of energy sources

Recognizing that energy efficiency is one of the most concerned problems in the past as well as in the future, Bamboo JSC is also on the way to achieve this goal through these solutions:

– Improve the management quality

– Increase the use of clean & renewable energy sources

– Use energy-efficient lighting equipment instead of the old ones

Efficient and economical use of water

Water is an important resource for the production of Bamboo. Considering the importance of this resource for human life while groundwater is getting more exhausted and polluted, Bamboo commits to use water in the most economical and effective way by saving and reusing.

Control and handling of waste

With the goal of minimizing the negative impacts on the environment, Bamboo focused on the waste problem right from the first stages of planning processes and tried to manage this problem as closely as possible this during its operation. We are proud that Bamboo is operating a protocol of monitoring, control and handling of waste that ensure the environmental safety, comply with the advanced standards in all Bamboo’s activities and will continue to improve in the future.

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